How a Business Can Market to a Consumer’s Subconscious Mind

November 19, 2022 /
advertising agency Consumer's Subconscious Mind

Ask any best advertising agency in Mumbai, and they will agree that their subconscious minds influence over 90% of consumers’ buying decisions. It is why brands and businesses today must target the subconscious in their marketing campaigns.

So, how can a business target its customers’ subconscious mind to attract a positive purchase response for its products/services?

In this article, we have listed a few ways in which businesses and brands can market to a consumer’s subconscious mind.

Use Brand Trustmarks

Today, brands must bank on a customer’s subconscious need to be able to trust and rely on a brand. Trustmarks in your marketing strategy go a long way- driving more leads, improving conversions, increasing brand engagements, etc. The perfect way of increasing brand trust is to feature customer testimonials and satisfied customer reviews on your websites and even share them on your social media pages. This offers excellent reassurance to first-time customers and satisfies everyone’s subconscious need for reliability and security.

Use the Right Colours

Colours have a significant influence on the subconscious minds of your customer.
Colour increases brand recognition by almost 80%, and about 85% of consumers’ purchase decisions are solely based on brand colours.

Think of your ideal customer who walks into a store and solely purchases your product because the product packaging is in colours that they love. When the right colour is combined with the right price and product design, you can say that your customer has subconsciously made the buying decision.

Let’s take a look at some of the colours you can use for your brand:

  • Red is an attractive, intense colour that can stimulate strong emotions like passion and confidence.
  • Blue is usually associated with intelligence, stability, trust and duty. Integrating the blue colour into your branding helps position your brand as trustworthy and reliable.

Discover the Right Emotional Need

Nike’s ‘Just Do It campaign is highly successful worldwide, and many are unaware of how greatly subconscious marketing has worked for them. The tagline speaks volumes to people’s need for freedom and self-expression, personal power, and the need to achieve something.

Creating catchy brand taglines triggers a need, and using the tagline in marketing campaigns helps register your target customers’ subconscious minds. When your audiences see themselves as freer, happier and more appreciated, their subconscious drives them to purchase the products.

Target the Subconscious Mind’s Motivators and Values

The best digital ad agencies in Mumbai agree that today businesses must tailor their marketing strategy to attract the subconscious mind of their customers. A brand’s primary goal must be to communicate the brand message uniquely that meets their (customers’) psychological needs, activating their rewards centre. Every time a brand triggers a strong positive emotional response from its customers, it influences them considerably to make a purchase decision.

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