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PODS leaves no stone unturned to create a long-lasting impact of your business on the target customers. We are amongst the best social media agencies in Mumbai and we offer apt strategies that help to promote your products or services and solutions to customers who really need them! We are a collective team of creative minds that have expertise in designing fascinating social media creatives that convert into sales.

We are an advertising agency that strives to deliver unique and creative marketing strategies that aid in the higher growth of your business.

#TalktoPODS, one of the leading digital marketing companies in Mumbai and give an enhanced growth to your business!

Our Digital Marketing Services encompass:

Social media creatives are the need of the hour for almost every business today. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide your brand with a direct path to interact with your target audiences and know more about their likes and dislikes, resulting in trust and increased brand awareness.

At PODS, we believe in creating innovative social media strategies and campaigns that make your brand stand out from the crowd and make it the most loved and followed, over various social media platforms! Our enthusiastic and creative social media team uses the latest strategies and tactics to ensure that your brand gains maximum social media exposure. We help you discover and reach your fullest potential!

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LinkedIn is a rising medium in the B2B space. Its importance is that of an influential social media platform. We help you grow your brand in a professional network through our LinkedIn management services and establish credibility. Our team has the expertise and knowledge for helping your business thrive on this social platform that proves to be an excellent resource for both marketers and recruiters, where your business can make the right connections. We manage your LinkedIn presence, discover opportunities for growth and associations and develop strategies that help you beat your competitors.

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As one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies In Mumbai, we focus on using our digital marketing know-how to unlock data and create click-worthy and high traffic attracting Google Adwords Campaigns. Our Google Ads plans are customizable as per your business’s goals and requirements, aiming to make it more relatable to your target audience and increase your CTRs. We are experts at creating cross-platform ads to reach out to your target audience and maintain transparency in our work. We analyze your competition, create eye-catching and engaging ads that are targeted to your ideal audience. Our Google Ads team continually tracks and monitors your campaign performances for optimizing them and altering them as per the received responses. Our campaign strategies are data-centric, performance-focused and result-oriented.

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We focus on creating ad copies with the needed keywords, engaging headlines and high-resolution images. Display ads prove to be a cost-effective way to attain significant results. However, with a wide array of placement, bidding and targeting options available, the wrong choices can drain your budget in days or even hours! You need a digital advertising partner that helps you ace your campaigns. We at PODS help you create successful Google Display Ad Campaigns, be it ad creation, targeting optimization and analytics assessment. We provide all related services.

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We help our clients grow their brands on YouTube via out of box YouTube video generation strategies aligned and customized as per our client’s business goals, target audience and various other requirements. All YouTube videos are created in our in-house studio equipped with the latest and modern video generation and creation tools and technology. We aim to build a loyal audience base for your brand on YouTube by generating videos that reach out to more audiences and increase sales and profit for your business.

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Search Engine Optimization forms the heart and soul of your brand’s digital presence. Strong SEO tactics and strategies can lead to increased organic visibility of your brand over search engines like Google and considerably improve lead generations for your brand. SEO is always ever-changing and ever-evolving, and your SEO Campaigns must align with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. Our SEO Campaign strategies are focused on increasing your brand’s overall website visibility by driving a high amount of traffic to your website.

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Emailers prove to be powerful marketing tools for increasing your brand outreach and brand awareness. They are usually sent on occasions to inform customers about brand-related festive offers or to convey the launch of any new products & services. Emailers are also designed for introducing new technological innovations or products/services developed by the company. Through our emailers services, we always implement something new and innovative for our clients to reach out to their customers in unique ways.

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Your brand’s story is the cornerstone of your business, and today’s audience wants to know your story. Investing in content marketing is an excellent way of communicating your brand’s story to its audience. Each piece of content that we curate for our clients builds a constant and robust narrative that can be conveyed across their websites, social media, PR initiatives. All our content marketing services create brand copies, develop animated explainer videos or create content strategies, content promotion and optimization.

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