Brand Messaging- The Crux of a Brand

August 31, 2020 /
effective brand messaging image

Before we get to the steps to build effective brand messaging, it is crucial to learn what brand messaging is?

Brand messaging refers to the communication methods that a brand uses to express its culture, values, and missions to expand its audience. It is a marketing technique that encourages, persuades, motivates, and ultimately makes your audience want to buy your product.”

Some brand attributes like the position, values, promises, mission, vision, logo, taglines together form a powerful brand message. In other words, brand messaging gives your audience a reason to trust and connect with your brand. For example- when you read “Open Happiness,” you automatically think of Coca-Cola. Likewise, Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” motivates its audience to take action.

To get started with building an effective brand messaging-

  1. Build a Value Proposition– It refers to the values that need to be communicated, acknowledged, and delivered to the audience. A block of text and a visual representation comprise a value proposition. People should get the idea of both functional and emotional values that the brand or the service carries once they read the statement.
  2. Understand Your Audience– To have a well-defined target audience is of utmost importance. It is impossible to structure a brand message without understanding the needs, wants, and demands of the audience you are serving to. The marketers should carry out thorough market research to know the audience’s needs in a brand and provide the same with a well-drafted brand message. Target marketing not only allows you to formulate marketing strategies but opens effective and affordable ways to reach a potential client base.
  3. What is your USP? – USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a marketing strategy where the customers are informed about why one’s brand is superior to others. The marketers should outline the properties that make their product or service unique. They should also illustrate why the costumers should incline towards buying their products and not their competitors’. To convince the audience, they should answer these questions-
  • What makes us different?
  • Why should people choose our brand over others’?
  • How can our product be useful to the audience?
  1. Do Not Overpromise– Make promises only when you can accomplish them. Don’t try to incorporate services that you won’t be able to serve and thus cause disappointment. Be truthful in maintaining your reputation and loyalty towards your audience. Overpromising leads to the dead end. Your brand message should only communicate the marketing techniques that are approached by the brand.
  2. Tell A Story- Every brand has a story that deserves to be known. Consider story-telling as a brand messaging tool. It will help you connect with your audience emotionally. Nowadays, brands try to embrace their stories to transform their presence, identity, and position in the market. Your brand story tells everyone about you and what you stand for. It forms a core part of your brand messaging strategy as well.
  3. Craft the Mission and Vision Statement– How do you expect the audience to trust your brand when your goals are vague? It is very significant to craft your goals, mission and vision to begin with your effective marketing and branding strategies. A mission statement defines the ultimate purpose or the goal of your brand. Whereas, the vision statement helps you to set a future goal and provides a direction for the company’s growth. Crafting the statements should be simple and to-the-point. It helps in the formulation of the brand message describing clear goals in the future. It encourages you to reach the current and potential audience achieving great results.

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