The Art of Rebranding: 6 Steps to a Successful Makeover

August 26, 2021 /
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Rebranding can be seen as an art that offers a fresh start to your business or brand and communicates a massive change in your organisation.

Remember your brand is more than just a memorable name or attractive logo. For building successful brands, brand consultants in Mumbai must communicate the business’s story and ethos, build its reputation and solidify its position in today’s marketplace.

Rebranding a business is taking your brand in a new direction, consolidating your aim and vision, and modifying your image to reflect the changes.

When Can I Rebrand My business?

a. Brand vision has changed

b. When you have experienced A PR Disaster, and reputation needs to be improved

c. In case you have merged with another company

d. The need to appeal to new demographics 

This blog will help you familiarise yourself with the art of rebranding

So, let’s begin!

Step 1: Introspect!

Self-awareness is the first step towards rebranding.

Ask yourself and the team the following questions before beginning your rebreeding journey:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you offer?
  3. What do you want to be known for?
  4. Why do you want to rebrand?

Before you invest resources and money into rebranding, you need to know what the result should look like and pen your brand’s story down.

Step 2: Market Research 

Market research helps you get back in touch with your customers. You can use surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups to know your target audience’s opinion on your products and brand voice with market research. This information helps you incorporate new ideas and align your brand with the intended audience.

Step 3: Decide Your USP

You must know your USP, as that is what makes you unique. Your job is to find your niche and services according to your niche’s needs.

You should not try to appeal to everyone and focus on a single target customer group. You need to know how you perform better than your competitors and what makes you the best in business. 

Step 4: Make A List and Redesign Your Brand Touchpoint

It is now time to list all necessary rebranding materials like new websites, business cards, logos, blogs, posters, etc. Always think about your brand’s touchpoints that include any point at which a customer or potential customers interact with your brand.

Invest in environmental branding for rebranding your office space or retail spaces, anything that helps customers get familiar with your new brand.

Step 5: Ensure Everyone’s On Board

Remember, your rebranding strategy will flop if your employees aren’t convinced and believe that the strategy does not align with your business values. Before publicly launching your rebrand campaign in the public domain, allow your employees to express their opinion on the same. Let them share their thoughts.

When you finish rebranding, have an internal launch party that helps your employees get excited about the change and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Step 6: Make Your New Brand Public

Ensure to make your rebranding public launch quick and decisive. Avoid making rapid changes after the initial launch, as that will further confuse the audience. Changes should be implemented gradually.

Use rebranding as a channel to generate publicity and engage with customers. Most importantly, let them know the reason for your rebranding, as the customers will only trust you when you are transparent. Emphasise and tell them how rebranding will benefit them.

Investing in the best branding agencies will help you smoothly carry out your rebranding cycle.

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