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PODS, branding and packaging design agency Mumbai, weaves a magical story for your brand that has a long-lasting impression on the customers.
We are your brand consultants and come on board with a vast 25+ years of experience in building businesses to brands. We conduct thorough research of your competitors along with the current trends to deliver the best services. Our designs are visually appealing that get accurately connected with your brand and to your customers’ emotions!

As a full service branding agency, we don’t aim at creating brands. Instead, we aim at discovering the real values your business gives to their customers’ lives and how your products or services offer a better lifestyle to your audiences.

Communicating to your audience how your brand enhances their lives, is what makes us one of the best branding companies in Mumbai.

Our clients, INDOFIL, GIVAUDAN, SHELL, BAYER, DAVAT BEVERAGES, rely on our corporate and retail branding solutions with complete faith.
Being one of the best advertising companies in Mumbai, the focal point lies in helping your brand reach out to a broad range of audiences who do not visit your physical stores. Gaining their attention and letting them know how your retail products are unique and better than the others in the market is what we do.

We are the most innovative package design agency India that takes up rebranding, corporate communication designing, product branding, retail advertising, marketing communication designing.

“BRANDING” is an essential part of your business and it is different from marketing and sales. PODS makes sure your brand story completes the last mile.

Branding humanises your product, increasing its value and appeal, resulting in increased consumer attraction. Our branding company aims at humanizing your brand.

Marketing is how you communicate your brand and its products and services to your customers to increase your brand awareness and audience outreach.

Sales is simply the process of selling the products and services that your brand has to offer. Sales processes tell you how to improve and increase your business revenue.

Let’s take an example here. Say you are launching a new beverage/product in the market and aim at creating a brand out of it. You cannot just focus on the product itself. You have to focus on several other aspects like product packaging, product values, product tagline, the logo, colour of the logo, packaging colour pallets, designs, etc.

You want to evoke an emotion out of your target audience that results in a bond between them and the product. This connection can only be created through branding. This is what branding is all about.

Our branding and designing
strategies focus on
ROI- Return On Interaction.

As one of the best branding agencies in Mumbai, we aim at unlocking your brand’s true meaning and purpose, helping you discover your brand’s essence, persuading customers to engage more with your brand, stimulating your products’ demand in the market and increasing your sales & market share and thereby your brand equity.

By discovering who you are, what you do and what you offer to your customers that improves their lifestyle, we can create unique and creative branding strategies that will attract many new customers and increase your brand outreach and engagement rates in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a top package design agency in India, our package design process involves creating a great exterior of products that attract the consumers’ attention. It consists of selecting the suitable materials and forms, the suited graphics, logos used on wrapping boxes, cans, bottles or any containers. A good package design agency like us aims at creating product packaging that delivers a story.

Ask any product package design companies, and they will tell you that your primary goal must be to maintain existing brand relevance with your new product or service line. Although it is a new line, you must have specific elements in your branding strategies that connect your new product line with the existing one.

PODS, the best branding consulting company in Mumbai, believe that building a brand does not happen overnight. Your chosen branding agency is highly influenced by its branding strategies and audience responses to those strategies.

In Mumbai, we as your brand consultants, always suggest a budget depending upon the branding goals, expectations, and the clients’ desired outcome. Every client will have a different branding strategy/campaign. Your budget depends on your branding goals and needs.

PODS is one of the best promotion companies in Mumbai, and we can organise mockups for new product packaging if needed by our clients. PODS also has an in-house print setup and expertise of Printing specialists who guide and hand-hold you in your outcomes.

Being one of the best branding agencies in Mumbai, we take care of all our clients’ branding needs – its product packaging, its story on the packaging and whatever else that is needed.