Here Are 4 Tips To Create Psychology-Based Eye-catching Packaging Designs

August 30, 2021 /
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Brand Packaging design has reached new heights in today’s modern marketing circuit. Remember that you cannot speak to every potential customer about your brand’s products. It is creative and unconventional product packaging that speaks loud and clear for products as it’s the first thing that catches the customer’s attention.

So what do you think makes specific package designs eye-catching while the others dull and unnoticeable?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is simple: Psychology!

It is essential to get people to respond favourably to your packaging designs as it ultimately helps you sell more products.

Packaging designs affect the subconscious mind, highly influencing customers’ purchasing behaviour even when they have no intention of buying anything.

So, the moral of the story is that psychology plays a crucial role in packaging your products. Ask any agency for retail advertising, and they will list out a plethora of ideas revolving around psychology-centric design tips for packaging designs.

Discover the four psychology-based design tips for crafting the best product packaging designs!

  1. The Power Of Colours

Specific colour wavelengths grab human attention quickly. Using colours like Red, Pink, Yellow, and Green increases customers’ notice of your packaging’s psychological likelihood. These colours are the most eye-catching ones.

When choosing colours for your packaging design, the primary aspect is selecting colours that inspire the kind of associations you want to have with your customers.

For example, choosing tranquil colours like blues or lavenders for skincare brands.

Colours also help reinforce brand identity, which is why your logo must depict the colours you want to associate with your brand, and the brand packaging must take a cue from it.

  1. Shapes & Structures Highly Influence Emotions

The shape has the power of conjuring emotional responses, proving to be the single most unique identifier in your product’s packaging. The shape makes your product:

  1. Distinct
  2. Unique
  3. Instantly Recognised and Remembered

There is no one perfect shape for all packaging. However, package designers must keep general psychological guidelines in mind:

  1. People find curvy shapes more appealing than straight lines
  2. Studies state that people perceive sharp and angular lines as threatening.

Your packaging design must be different, product-appropriate and brand relevant.

  1. Touch & Texture = Impactful Reactions

Packages are meant to be looked at and touched too. This is critical to remember.

It is why brands must take touch into account when zeroing on package designs.

Businesses must focus on creating a positive tactile experience for their customers. Remember silky-high gloss or soft and fluffy textures and smooth matte are pleasant to touch, motivating consumers to keep their hands on your products.

Studies show that physically holding products creates a sense of physical ownership that drive must-have purchase decisions.

Touch is a powerful force, and you must use it to your most significant advantage.

When it comes to texture, select one that resonates with the product that the consumer finds inside.

Are your products luxurious? Pick packaging materials that allude to luxury.

For raw and natural products, choose raw and earthy textures.

  1. Typography’s Ability To Influence Emotional Reactions

The typography should perfectly support the message you want to communicate to your customers.

Ensure that the unspoken language of your typography reflects your brand and product’s personality.

Take a look at some essential typography guidelines:

  1. Fancy Script fonts: Maturity, elegance and prestige
  2. Hand Script Fonts: Youthful, rebellious, casual and playful
  3. Serif Print Fonts: Stability and Class
  4. Headline Fonts: Intense and truthful
  5. Decorative Fonts: Unique, fun and whimsical

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