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About Us

Hello we’re PODS.

Building better brands is at the centre of everything we do and critical thinking is our north star. From helping you follow your dreams to making people follow your brand, we’ve got you covered!

Nothing gets our hearts racing more than uncovering opportunities and helping companies better understand how being brand-centric is good for business. Our studio brews creativity, market-shifting ideas and future-ready strategies on a daily basis. PODS believes in branding from the ground up and inside out. Starting from defining your brand essence to unlocking your brand purpose & finally bringing it all to life through crisp communication, design that delivers and brand story that resonates, PODS is where brands come true. With an experience of over 10 years, we’re building a legacy one success story at a time.

We differentiate ourselves through our process and partnerships with clients. When we say ‘partnership’ we mean it; we handhold you through your growth journey, and we are there when you witness your brand putting a dent in the universe.

We’re a hardworking, young enthusiastic team of thinkers, problem solvers, designers and can-doers bonded by a guiding set of beliefs:

Passionate: We dream about infinite possibilities and turn them into realities.

Originative: You will find us eager to figure things out & improve through inventive measures.

Determined: We push hard because it’s our life work. We don’t settle unless we’re proud of putting our name on it.

Swift: We deliver at lighting speed so that you stay ahead of the curve.

online ads services

Online Advertising

Direct interaction design
Whats app posts
Social Media platform management
Digital Design, Concept, Strategy
2D animation

Offline Advertising Image

Offline Advertising

Communication Strategy
Creative Concept
Branding Solutions Retail Designing (includes- brochures, POS, product catalogs, danglers, posters, hoardings)
Space Design