How Good Animated Explainer Videos Accelerate Conversion Rates

September 20, 2021 /
Explainer video

Increasing brand awareness and building a powerful brand name is the primary goal of all businesses today.

Businesses aim at selling a “lifestyle” through their products and services; they want their brand to be known and recognised by every household and constantly incorporate the best-animated explainer videos as a crucial part of their digital marketing strategies.

Why’s that?

Animated explainer videos are touted as the “next big thing” in marketing due to their simplicity, creativity, visually appealing and attention gaining characteristics. 

Animated explainer videos are short videos that businesses use to convey their brand’s stories to the audience. Animated videos are creative and quickly communicate the brand’s message. They are usually used for marketing or sales purposes and highlight their products, services or brand identities. 

Apart from being entertaining, these videos are also informative and creative.

Animated explainer videos have become extremely popular in the pandemic struck era, with almost 85% of businesses using them as a common marketing tool. Introducing an animated video on your landing page can quickly boost your conversion rate by 80%!

It is why several businesses, irrespective of their size, are partnering up with a promotional video company or an animated explainer video company.

Let’s take a look at how good animated explainer videos accelerate conversion rates

  1. Retain About 50% of Critical Product Information

66% of the audience prefers watching animated videos to learn about products or services. The videos are motion-based, along with stunning sound and narrative. They prove to be an effective marketing package that will surely grab your audience’s attention and help in retaining critical product information. The information helps them determine whether or not they want to purchase your product. Audiences prefer buying products of brands that consistently make use of attractive and creative explainer videos.

2. Target Audience Emotions

The creative stories, engaging sound and narrative represented by explainer videos highly pique audience interest. They target audience emotions perfectly, creating an emotional bond between the audience and your products. This drastically increases your conversion rates as explainer videos are more likely to be shared and liked by your customers over text-based or image-based campaigns and activities. The videos act as a confidence booster among your customers that leads to action. And as we all know, that action = conversion!

3. Increase The Number Of Sales

Using animated explainer videos, you can ask your existing and potential customers to visit your website. You can guide them where they need to click to know more about your products and company. Modern audiences have a brief attention span not lasting beyond 2-3 minutes. Catchy animated explainer videos nail the job of communicating product information along with company information, directing your audiences to your company website and increasing your conversion rates.

4. The Perfect Promotional Tool

Explainer videos are the perfect promotional tool you need to promote your products/services on social media networking sites, press releases, video hosting sites like youtube, emails and more.

 A great video can be intelligently remarketed as many times as you want and can result in skyrocketing conversion rates.

The videos also improve your social media conversion rates, and your audience can share them a dozen times over photos, texts and links due to their greater shareability.

Pairing it with email marketing can improve your CTR by at least 95%. That’s a big number, folks!

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