Social Media Trends You Can’t Stand to Miss!

August 18, 2020 /
Social media Trends 2020

Social media is omnipresent. Other than using the social media platforms to connect with the target audience, it can be used as an essential part of your branding strategy. Today’s marketers and businesses need digital and social media platforms to connect at a better level with their target audience. It is the most indispensable tool of promotion, advertising, branding and marketing. Social media has come a long way ever since its inception and has undergone rapid transformations. Below mentioned are some trends that rule social media marketing and will continue to do so:

  1. VIDEO CONTENT– Creating video content is, undeniably, the most engaging trait of social media. It is done to disseminate one’s values and principles to the target audience with the sole motive of engaging and attracting the audience. In all the social media platforms, 80% of the traffic is generated when videos are shared. For example- Instagram, earlier, allowed sharing one-minute videos. However, now you can post videos of any length, also called Instagram TV or IGTV. Such content will continue to rule social media, increase conversion speeds, and be a great tool for marketing and advertising.
  2. EPHEMERAL CONTENT– This content is accessible for a brief period. Nowadays, audiences like to view stories that last for 24 hours. In 2020, a study shows the enormous rise in the number of users who spent hours swiping different stories. This trend was launched by Snapchat followed by Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp because of the positive difference created in user engagement. Other than B2B or B2C, this is a great way to showcase a brand.
  3. INSTAGRAM TO HIDE LIKES– Instagram has been one of the most popular social media channels bringing along new developments. To boost a person’s social values and validation, this platform has decided to hide the likes feature for posts. The likes count will be private and can only be viewed by the user. This major transformation will impact the popular brands but will encourage new brands (of all scales) to advertise their business.
  4. INFLUENCER MARKETING– What is influencer marketing? This type of marketing allows influencers to endorse and promote brands via creating engaging content. The influencers are the people who have devoted social followers and have knowledge related to their niche fields. They help marketers spread their brand and products via mentions, stories, posts, etc. Influencer marketing is highly influential and generates great results.
  5. NICHE PLATFORMS WILL CONTINUE TO GROW– Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pretty much provide everything that is needed, along with some irrelevant content. That’s when the niche platforms step in. These are the platforms that target a specific audience who have similar interests, hobbies, or professional insights. The demand for such platforms is growing rapidly. For example- Quora is a forum, where questions are asked and answered in the form of opinions by users.
  6. LIVE STREAMING– This is the most interactive trend. It not only allows other people to interact directly with the target audience but at the same time allows users to react and comment on the interactions. Such activities increase credibility as the consumers witness user-generated and professionally made video content. Almost 82% of the users demand live streaming on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  7. AUGMENTED REALITY– Do you love pictures where digital elements and filters are added to enhance the reality? That’s the gift augmented reality provides. Snapchat lenses, Pokémon Go, and the bunny ears, enhancement filters that are provided by Instagram are some of the examples. At present, the pace of adoption of augmented reality is medium. However, with developing technology and transformations, the future will seek personalized branding and product innovations.

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