The Buyer’s Journey and Content Marketing for Potential Buyers

November 17, 2022 /
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Nobody decides what they will purchase today when they wake up. Instead, they conduct research and evaluation before making a sales contact as part of their journey to purchase.

The buyer’s journey is the term used to describe it because consumers are more knowledgeable and capable than ever; it’s crucial to fully understand your company’s buyer persona and their journey to produce content that will guide them and establish you as an authority in your field.

Thanks to the abundance of information available at consumers’ fingertips, they are better informed than ever. As a result, in most sales dialogues, the buyer now holds most of the power; because of this, we at PODS Solutions, an online advertising agency in Mumbai, are aware that pushy sales techniques are no longer as effective as they once were.

The best way to begin with the buyer’s journey process is to thoroughly understand the buyer’s profile of your business and the route they take to make a purchase.

Instead, being a creative branding agency in Mumbai we make efforts from selling to helping consumers to succeed in sales in the modern era through our content marketing strategies.

As a creative branding agency in Mumbai, we understand this journey in order to sell your company products or services and develop a content marketing plan that provides the appropriate content at the right moment. Our content marketing method is a combination of creativity and technology that helps brands with strategy and its successful execution. It distinguishes us and places us among the top online advertising agencies in Mumbai.

Buyer’s journey: What is it?

A person’s route to make a purchase is referred to as the buyer’s journey. When there is a necessity, you will act to:

  • Find out what options there are for solutions.
  • Consider them in light of your position.
  • Choose an approach that is best for you.

An online advertising agency in Mumbai, like us will understand how your targeted audience chooses to interact with you and according to it, will develop a unique content marketing plan that suits your business needs.

Why It’s Important to Create Content for the Buyer’s Journey

Understanding your target is crucial in all marketing disciplines. This includes understanding their thought processes, the solutions they are looking for, and the general path they follow to get there. Using the information from thorough research, you can start creating a written content strategy that aligns your content with the different phases of the buyer’s journey.

A disconnection forms between your company and your potential clients when you need to comprehend your target audience fully. This typically means you’re publishing stuff that your audience doesn’t truly relate to, which could lead to you losing them.

To prevent this, you must consider the stage of their journey, how to meet them there, and the best platforms to present the content to them. The internet has made it simpler for marketers (and salespeople) to use content marketing to engage clients at different points of their journey. The fact that 60% of marketers believe the content to be “very important” or “very vital” to their entire strategy is one of the key causes behind this.

Stages of the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey has 3 steps:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Awareness: The buyer becomes conscious of their need or problem and starts looking for a solution.

Consideration: The buyer is researching to reduce his or her options.

Decision: The buyer assesses the options and selects the one best suits their requirements.

The potential customer will better comprehend what you offer and how you can assist them if you publish content that addresses the issues at each stage.


However, making the appropriate information in the proper moment for the appropriate audience can take time and effort. Having an online advertising agency in Mumbai, like us, PODS Solutions, at your side may be beneficial for mapping your content to your audience’s needs.

As a creative branding agency in Mumbai, we’re renowned for producing unique, interesting original social media content for our clients that provides custom content to help the buyer in each phase of their journey.