Do’s & Don’ts Of Perfect Explainer Video On Your Website

December 10, 2020 /
Animated Explainer Video

Dynamism is what defines the expectation of people in today’s digital world. The content that you post has to be innovative and dynamic. With videos becoming the most loved form of content, brands have to make them their ally and achieve the mission of attracting prospective customers and engaging the users. One of the most common forms of video is explainer videos. The well-made video will do the job for you by generating new leads and increasing conversions. A common pitfall that most people fall into is not following the rules of making video content. Let us walk through the dos and don’ts of framing the perfect explainer video.

Do’s for an exponential explainer video

Keep it sharp and crisp: A video that is more than 2 minutes is a big no as the attention span of people drops at the two minutes mark. You can save a lot of money by making a short video that is engaging and entertaining. The longer the length of your video, the lesser will be the people who stay back as it is not some story instead it is an explainer video. An animated explainer video company will help you to put together a video crisp and concise and arrowed down to the point.

Prioritize the value propositions: Have you ever opened a website to learn more about a product that you are planning to buy and after a couple of minutes go away from the website completely frustrated because you couldn’t find anything useful there? I have. When people search for something online they want clear-cut and precise answers, that too when they are exposed to a brand for the first time. You have to start making the video with a strategy and explain only what is needed.

Autoplay and mute play: the videos with the auto-playing option offer a website with immediacy and a dynamic vibe. It starts playing as soon as the website is opened; straightaway gives the customer information about your brand. But you have to inform the explainer video production company that the video must be quiet and not annoying. Here are some tips to follow while using the autoplay feature:

  • the video must be short, simple and eye-catchy
  • avoid too much motion and fast transitions as it might confuse the audience and distract them
  • Disable the sound of the video and let the audience decide.

Don’ts to avoid explainer videos pitfall

Don’t have too many goals: This is a standard remark that still identifies one goal and the video should revolve around that idea. Do you want to rank better on SERP or increase the conversions? Set your goal and explain it clearly to the animated video production companies so that they can stick to the point. This makes measuring results easy.

Avoid foregoing without a well-written copy: Though the explainer video is going to take the center stage, the written copy of the video will be an important backup. The written copy will enhance and complement your content. The written copy will guide the audience throughout the video. Also, a great content copy will help you improve the site in terms of SEO.

Bottom line

If you want your website to host the best animated explainer videos, all you have to do is get the help of the best video production company to guide you and frame each part of the video.