What Will Advertising Look Like In 2022?

January 5, 2022 /
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2022 marks a new era- the post-pandemic era—an era where covid-19 still hovers around humanity, but we humans are well-prepared to fight the battle.

With the dawn of a new era comes a change in how audiences perceive and interact with brands. Branding, advertising, and marketing concepts remain the same but merely revamp, or you can say rejuvenate themselves to prepare for the post-covid world. 

With markets slowly picking up and people now getting comfortable with the new everyday world, advertisers must put on their blinders and focus on curating advertising campaigns that instantly click and stir emotions within their target audiences.

Being one of the best advertising agencies in Surat, PODS brings to you an exclusive blog that will help all brand owners, consultants and advertisers understand what advertising will look like in 2022!

Connecting All Touchpoints

We are in a world of seamless integration, online or offline. Advertisers will now need to focus on mapping and connecting all consumer touchpoints online or offline instead of solely concentrating on a single one.

This means that brands/businesses must implement advertising campaigns with the perfect blend of online channels like social media and office channels such as billboard advertising, TV advertising, etc.

This is how brands will be able to reach every strata of audience.

Modern customers expect brands to keep up with a hybrid advertising model that gives a brand the omnipresent feel.

Intelligent Investments

According to reports, the total advertising spending across sixteen social media platforms that serve local audiences will reach almost $173 billion!

Half will be spent on digital media, mainly Google and Facebook, along with Mobile ads that will get the maximum ad spend of $36.7 billion.

OTT platforms are one of the fastest-growing local ad platforms with an ad spend of $2 billion. Brands must plan their advertising budget spend strategically giving crucial importance to the digital medium.

Influencer Advertising

Influencers that comprise Millenials and Gen Z will be on an all-time high, influencing the advertising landscape faster than other generations. Advertisers will collaborate with influencers for advertising their brands on social media platforms. Influencers will soon play a significant role in advertising and will soon be one of the key players in the ad world.

They have a wider reach today and give celebrity advertising models tough competition.

Influencers are trusted by their audiences and drive their thoughts, feelings about products and services.

Creating A Human Connection

2022 will see advertisers focussing on real people, real values that help build a strong human connection. Gone were the days when products and services were advertised by what we like to call “ perfect humans”.

It’s all about being authentic and focussing on real people who are not afraid to show their flaws and are proud of them.

Advertising will focus on these “real people” who are just like you and me. This will increase audience connection, develop a solid emotional product/service value and target all individuals irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.

Branding Agency in Surat

PODS believes that brands must move forward with time and incorporate new trends and beliefs into their advertising strategies. It is why we focus on creating ad campaigns that are in Gen Z terms “Woke” and apt for the ever-changing modern audiences.

As a social media marketing agency in Surat, we help develop a strong brand presence and draft compelling creative strategies that target all three touchpoints, branding, advertising and marketing.