7 Ways to improve Customer Service using SMS MARKETING  

September 17, 2020 /
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Providing exceptional customer service is one of the fundamental aspects of any brand. As a marketer, one should be considerate to meet the expectations of the consumer base they are serving to. Why is it important? Because it helps to increase customer loyalty, brand reputation, revenue generation, and builds a positive brand image. With an inevitable upgrade in technology and multichannel communication modes, SMS continues to be a low investment channel for disseminating information. Even today, messaging is easy, accessible, less time-consuming, and adopted by masses. A single tone alert seeks the person’s attention, making 90% of the audience read the message. Here are ways through which SMS can improve your customer service experience-

  1. Make customer experience personal: People tend to avoid generic messages. If messages are constructed to address an individual in a personalized way, they are perceived very well. It helps to create a bond emotionally. And, we all know that customers become loyal once they are emotionally attached to the brand or the organization.
  2. Keep the message short: Texting is a lot more popular than other communicative modes. Why so? People tend to avoid talks that beat around the bush. On the other hand, they prefer conversations that are to-the-point, simple, and short. SMS messaging is all about how you can convey your message, views and brand message using fewer words. Therefore, it becomes vital to keep that essence intact. However, you can still impress your audience by sending descriptive and elaborative messages via emails.
  3. Seek feedback: Don’t you want to know if you are branding correctly? Asking for a response to the provided services or products is a way to do so. Activities like rating the service on the scale from 1 to 10 or filling surveys with a one-word response, is something people don’t mind doing. Thus, SMS marketing can be influential as feedback-seeking is made short and less time-consuming.
  4. Send reminders: This is a highly helpful tool for the service-oriented market. The customers might get busy with their tedious schedule and forget about the appointments they made. Thus, when they get messages that remind them of their booked program, it increases the number of show-ups and decreases rescheduling. Additionally, these reminders are appreciated by the customers improving their experience altogether.
  5. Make communication interactive: SMS marketing is a two-way process. It allows one to send and receive messages at the same time. There are times when your customer has numerous questions to ask. When this policy of give-and-take is followed, people ask their questions without being reluctant. It makes communication interactive allowing people to not only hear but speak their minds out.
  6. Respond quickly: No one likes to wait; we all appreciate timely responses. SMS marketing on a one-to-one basis allows you to increase customer engagement. If problems, faced by the customers, are resolved within no time, they seem to be happy with the service. Additionally, they would recommend the brand to their associates that increases brand awareness.
  7. Advertise your offers: Since SMS generates customer engagement, it is a great way to send messages in bulk. Through this marketing, marketers get an opportunity to produce organic branding techniques. You can inform your audience about the latest developments, missions, visions, updates, etc. Moreover, vouchers offer and discounts that attract customers can be conveyed easily via SMS.

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