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Interesting concepts with directive content that are crafted to captivate your target audience. Our approach aims to increase brand recall and effectiveness through brand visibility that interests, engages and impacts.

PODS Solutions is a group of professionals with consolidated 50+ years of printing expertise, who are highly committed to offering innovative print solutions to the customers. We understand that a skilled and experienced professional can generate effective and cutting-edge print solutions that will surpass your expectations!

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Creative desings

Priceless which is Priced less. This is what Short Run Digital Printing does. Usually requiring only a few hours, this commercial printing method is perfect for businesses wanting to print out their business cards or printing out tri-folds or posters. It’s a simple, cost-effective and one-time setup with the ability for making changes in future printing batches. This is what makes this printing technique a go-to for businesses of all types.

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Stylish Creative desings

A worthy printing option for businesses and companies wanting to carry out bulk printing provides superior quality images, better colour fidelity, and money value. What makes classic offset printing different from short run digital printing, is that it defines the colour of your brand. For example, You want all your brand related prints to be yellow in color, classic offset printing ensures that every brand related printing item has the same shade of yellow and looks identical, thereby creating a uniform brand representation. This is not possible with Short Run Digital Printing.

Classic off set printing services

Large Format Digital Printing also called Wide Format Printing, is a digital printing class that comprises any prints between 18” and 120” in size. It involves large format printers having larger rolls of paper and is best suited for businesses and companies wanting to invest in large printing projects such as posters, trade show wall panels, banners, large scale advertisements like building wraps and more.

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Pre-Press and
Post-Press Services:

Pre-Press and Post-Press services are equally important apart from the essential printing services.

Stage I of the printing process, Prepress- refers to all the printing-related activities before your products go to press for printing. In the first stage of collaboration, we aim at analysing your printing requirements and help you select the most suitable printing option for your business needs. We ensure that our clients are an integral part of the whole printing operation via clear communications, providing quick solutions to issues and updating you with production milestones. We use state-of-the-art technology and softwares, making sure that your designs are brought to life via our exceptional printing solutions.

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Our Post-Press services focus on polishing your product further that helps it set itself apart from its competitors. We manage and execute your projects from inception to completion and take accountability for every step, ensuring that your product receives the care, respect and exposure it deserves. Post-press is an essential step in your product’s print journey as it dominates your product’s final look, shape and feel. It resonates with how the audiences will perceive your product.

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Printing Process and operations is a complicated process to handle and require a streamlined logistics solution to amplify efficiency. There are several logistics involved with printing operations that business must take care of. Be it Invoices, Packaging, Labelling, Storage Facilities, Various Documentations, Re-ordering slips and much more. All these operations can be overwhelming to manage and organise. We focus on offering a reliable and accountable logistics system offering a reliable and accurate Pan India Shipping of your products.

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blue colur drip desing

Variable Data Printing is an innovative marketing and branding strategy that helps develop intimate and more profound relations between your brand and its audience. It can be looked at as a Personalised Marketing strategy involving printing innovations and modern technology. Using VDP (Personalisation), you can smoothly build stronger relations with your target audience by simply inserting your target’s name, address, age, birth date, a thank you message, anything you want into the text of a printed paper. This personalised piece can be in the form of a flyer, catalogue, brochure, note cards, or anything you wish for. Via VDP, you can print different images on the same offers for different types of your customers. You can easily add new customers to the list as well.

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We all know the significance of aligning your workspace with your brand’s voice and direction. It’s an essential aspect of internal brand awareness, development and a cheerful working ambience. A strong brand direction not only gives your business a strong identity in the market but also instills a sense of togetherness among your employees as they all share common brand values themselves. As an environmental branding agency in Mumbai, we focus on creating and developing opportunities your employees and consumers have for interacting with your brand in a physical space that results in stronger brand relations among both parties. It takes more than just designing expertise for translating your brand into an actual physical environment. PODS creates a branded environment for your business via creative & innovative strategies, space analysis and evaluation, design and a worthwhile execution.

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