Anatomy of a Great Social Media Strategy

June 12, 2020 /
Great social media strategy

Due to amazing return on investment, brand exposure and awareness, social media is the go-to digital channel for most brands. In order to augment a communication strategy, social media is an imperative tool. However, it’s also crucial to have the right strategy in place.

Incorporating the right approach in your platform leads to quick and effective brand recognition. A well designed, robust social media approach is way better than an ad hoc strategy that is not properly defined and is bound to be more successful.

Here are some of the important elements of a great social media strategy that you ought to have for ultimate business success:

  • Having a strong value proposition is important. Explain how your product is able to solve the problems and what’s your competitive advantage. And then the content that you create must be highly relevant to the business you are in and should resonate with the audience you’re catering to.
  • Talking of content, it’s important to remember that each social media platform handles and displays content differently. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Twitter puts a limit on the number of characters you can use, yet there are still ways to get across a timely, interesting and valuable message. Facebook allows room for more detailed messages. Regardless of the platform, diversity is important. Your content should be a heady mix of links, images, videos and articles.
  • It isn’t enough to post once in a while. For better engagement, portfolio and higher chance of conversions, you must post a couple of times a week, if not once a day. The kind of posts you should send out will reflect in your goals and business objectives and your research of your target audience, competitors and social networks. Companies with successful social media campaigns have an editorial calendar detailing the days and times to post along with the type of content they want to publish. There are some social media networks that have scheduling tools too that allow you to publish posts on the day and time you choose, so there aren’t any discrepancies.
  • Social media marketing can be relatively cheaper than any other marketing tool, so you don’t have to fret about needing to prick a hole in your wallet to see positive results. While some money is required, you can have a successful campaign with a small budget. Reality check: Facebook has almost killed its organic reach. But it’s not that bad.Facebook ads, for example allow you to set your budget. You can decide how much you are willing to spend and you can schedule a campaign basis your budget. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Facebook ads and post boosts are a lot more successful than a regular post, so you do need to shell out some money, but you may be surprised at its inexpensiveness.
  • What’s your target audience? Who it is you’re trying to reach? And not just that, understand your target customers as well. Examine socio-graphic information as well to assess how they interact online as well as your brand or which websites do they visit, to what extent do they interact with e-mails.

A great social media campaign is measurable, attention-grabbing, has something to offer, and compels your audience to act. Managing your social media strategy can be tricky. Hence, it’s recommended to have a well thought out strategy in place.

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