How to Sell Directly Through Social Media

December 26, 2020 /
Social Media Agency

Social media is an excellent tool to reach your audience and create awareness about your brand and business. While it is an excellent marketing tool, social media is also a great platform to sell your products or services directly to the customers. How to sell on social media mostly depends on the platform used and what your business goals are. Before just jumping into selling products, choose the right platform for selling products. Spend some time finding the hub of your target customer. Deciding the platform will lay the base to build a strategy and achieve your goals. The metrics of measurement and ways to gain success will differ based on the chosen channel. Get started with the following tips and tricks from social media creatives.

Soaring demands of social selling

91 percent of B2B buyers are highly active on social media and 84 percent of taking the help of social media to make any purchase decision. The rule of social media over the world is something that will never see doom. It is opening new opportunities for business people irrespective of the size. Social leaders gain 45 percent more opportunities when going online.

Facebook selling

With about 2.60 million active users daily, Facebook stands in the first place as the best social media. The presence of a wide population has opened the platform with various business opportunities. As more and more businesses are accessing the platform for business, Facebook has launched exclusive Facebook Shops, a mobile-based app where businesses can open their online store on Facebook and Instagram. In this app, you can choose the product that you want to feature and connect with your customers daily.

Instagram selling

With more than a billion users Instagram is next to Facebook. It is a platform where you can reach out to teens and young adults. Starting a business on Instagram is pretty simple. All you have to do is create a business profile and put great effort into marketing. You can post shoppable posts on Instagram that displays the product info on touch. If people love what they are seeing, the chances of making a purchase are high. You can track new followers and get in-depth demographic details of your followers.


Though twitter selling is not much popular as the other platforms, it is still a promising platform to sell various products and services. There are various ways in which you can sell products such as:

  • Ads and promoted tweets
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your products

Some way to crack social selling

Match your strategy to the customer

There is one size fits all when it comes to social media. You cannot sell something to a school going kid by posting something that is less attractive and engaging. Listen to what your customers want and make a plan according to their needs. The experts of digital marketing company Mumbai will make the job easier for you.

Create ideal content

Content is the platform for constructing a social media business. The more engaging and original the content, the higher will be your rate of conversion.

Build your network

There is no shortcut to building your network, create daily, weekly and monthly goals to start with a great pace. Find people in your industry, build an effective conversation with them. Retweet them, reply to their questions, and share things that you find amusing.

Bottom line

Social media marketing is the starting point for effective social selling. You can start your journey of selling products on social media with the best social media agencies in Mumbai by your side.