PCOS Campaign – 2015/2019

Growing awareness and indirect communication in the arena of PCOS, PODS began the journey and started promoting “confidence” for patients with PCOS. Over a period of 3 years: THE FACE OF CONFIDENCE WALKATHON was consummated.

The first edition of a large scale event is one of the most challenging and herculean tasks. When a large Pharmaceutical conglomerate (Bayer Zydus Pharma) envisioned and evangelized one of its kind, high awareness event, our role was to create a unique brand identity and design language. An identity and property that would connect with the participants and attract future participation by all involved; doctors and patients alike!


Branding :

We had to build a clutter breaking design language that would convey both sophistication and be emotive and responsive in nature.


From brochures, leaflets, Event Schedules and Invitations that became the formal communication material to the event branding many more creative and ideas were rolled out.


Being the first edition of the walkathon, the challenge was to establish the thought leadership the event was bringing and to create considerable noise, buzz and maintain the momentum through constant reminders and celebrity participation and promotion.
To achieve this we kept the communication simple and established the speakers to attract and gain an instant connect. We ensured that PCOS walkathon became a buzz-word and a subject of intrigue in the community of doctors.


Edgy merchandise was designed that became take home giveaways. Small cloth bags, Sweat shirts, caps, badges, medals and participation certificates! These became the small giveaways and post event impact and reminders.

Venue Branding:

Having managed the pre-event phase flawlessly, we also did a par-excellence work on venue branding. Our team conceptualized ideas for the venue with great care.

The venue branding universe included – Welcome gate, backdrops, standees, pillar branding, drop-downs, ID Cards, invites, schedule, posters, navigation signage and not to forget an Interactive Instant Profile Picture Generator was created online.
A quick newsletter with the event photographs and its impact were circulated amongst the participants post the event.

International Speaker Program on PCOS:

Again, taking the torch ahead on PCOS, various cities hosted the ISP Program on PCOS complete with Venue branding and Communication that engaged the doctors who had a fruitful takeaway from the leading stalwarts in the industry.

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