Why 2021 Will Be The Year OF Animated Video Marketing?

July 1, 2021 /
animated explainer video company

The Best animated explainer videos are the perfect digital marketing strategy for every business this year. They have a tremendous reach, bring in ample potential customers and are fun to watch.

If given a choice, most of us would prefer video marketing over the regular text-based or image-based marketing channels, which is why Animated Video marketing is a hit among the current pandemic struck and entertainment searching audiences!

Before you zero in on a corporate video production company in Mumbai that will help you curate top-notch animated videos, let’s educate ourselves on why we must incorporate them in our digital marketing strategies.

Reasons why you need to quickly invest in an animated explainer video company now!

  1. Numbers Don’t Lie!

There is vast data that clearly denotes the significant role animated videos play in the digital marketing landscape. Fun fact: An average person watches almost 100 minutes of video content per day. 100 minutes= 1.67 hours, which, although it seems pretty small, is actually a pretty massive amount of time.

You want, the One hour your audience spends watching videos should be dominated by your products and services, which is why you must invest in animated video marketing services. Several studies have found that Videos play an integral role in marketing plans and have increased from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 202! Clearly, numbers never lie!

  1. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind!

The statement doesn’t hold true only for celebrities but also for your business products and services. Remember, today’s audience is not the audience of the 1950s who had minimal options and were, let’s be honest, elementary and straightforward people.

Today’s audiences are aggressive, know-it-alls and highly competitive. They want the best of everything! Phew! They sound tough to please, don’t they?

Well with animated video marketing gets half the work done!

In the current age of endless social media scrolling, video marketing helps capture your audience’s attention, enables you to build a relationship with your audience and makes you stand out from your competitor!

  1. We All Need To Be Understood

You want your business/brand to be loved and cherished. For that, it is essential that your audience clearly understands and likes your products or services. A well-crafted animated explainer video seamlessly integrates visuals, voice-overs and music for presenting your brand’s story.

With these videos, you can present a complex idea or offering in a manner that can be easily understood by your audience without much effort. After all, we want to be understood and accepted, be it humans or businesses in today’s fast-paced world!

  1. A Fascinating Medium

A fantastic animated explainer video helps you gain your audience’s trust. A beautifully curated animated video communicates to your audience your commitment towards building a powerful brand and providing them quality products or services.

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