Are You Packaging Your Products The Right Way?

December 14, 2021 /
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You’re shopping for orange juice and come across three juice brands :

Brand 1: Has a colourful package design

Brand 2: Has a dull and straightforward package design

Brand 3: Is just Juice Filled In A Cheap Plastic Bottle 

Which brand’s product would you buy?

The answer’s simple: Brand 1.

Why’s that now?

You see, today, it’s not just about the product; customers give equal importance to product packaging as well.

The juice sold by Brand 3 might be healthier and tastier than the juice sold by brand 1. However, a customer will always buy the latter as the product packaging influences customer buying decisions.

Of course, the quality of the product inside is equally important, but the way you package your product is what customers notice foremost.

Product packaging design companies focus on creating unique brand packaging designs that catch the customers attention within seconds!

So, the question here is: Are You Packaging your products the right way?

Being one of the best package design companies in the industry today, we advise you to answer three critical questions that help you understand your product packaging goals and determine whether or not you are packaging products the right way.

  1. Question #1: What Is The Product?

This is not a trick question and should be easy to answer. What products are you selling? How big or small in size are the products? What are the materials it’s made of? Is it delicate or sturdy?

These questions are going to determine any logistical musts you must consider for your product packaging. For example, delicate products require more secure and sturdy packaging, or products with odd dimensions require custom packaging instead of out-of-the-box box solutions.

  1. Question#2: Who Is Buying The Product?

Do your products solely cater to men, women or both? Are they suitable for children and adults? Do they target environmentally conscious people? Are your products catered towards high-income budget people or the disposable income ones?

The product packaging must appeal to and attract its ideal customers, and it’s essential to know your consumer before beginning the designing process.

For example, products catering to older adults might require more extensive texts. Luxurious products catering to affluent customers must incorporate fonts and packaging materials that create a luxurious feeling.

  1. Question#3: How Do People Buy The Product?

With multiple shopping channels, it’s critical to figure out how are your customers buying your products?

Are they purchasing it in supermarkets or brick and mortar stores? Or from small boutiques or online? Or do your customers have varied purchase cycles that involve a mix of online and offline?

Remember products sold online are packaged differently as they are shipped directly to your customer’s homes. Your product has to face multiple competitors in the online world and stand out from the competition on big box store shelves too!

Products sold online must not have a lot of extra space when packaged as it can cause the product to rattle around, or the package can even bend.

Products sold in brick and mortar stores must be highly visually appealing and quickly catch the buyer’s eyes. Think of popping and unconventional colours, out of the box packaging elements and everything that excites a customer and makes them buy your product.

Answering the above questions will help you know whether you are on the right product packaging track or not.

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