How to Expand Your Network and Influence Social Media in Your Business

October 14, 2022 /
How to Expand Your Network and Influence Social Media in Your Business

We at PODS are big believers in the power of social media for diversifying and evolving our clients’ audience network and nurturing the relationships they form with their audiences on the various social media platforms.

We are a social media company in Andheri that prioritises increasing our clients’ brand value, expanding their network and enhancing their influencing powers on social media channels.

Every social media platform is unique and requires consistent work and targeted strategies to help them become an influencing and powerful brand in their industry.

In this blog, we have listed key ways to help your business expand its network and increase its influence on social media.

 1. Take The Humanistic Approach

A big mistake: Coming off as a cold and faceless brand with ZERO personality. The modern age of transparency demands brands take a human approach and connect with their audience on a deeper level. Showing off your human side means showing off the faces behind your brand’s social feed. It’s time to get personal with your followers and develop a much-needed connection!

2. Know Your Audience In & Out

Your audience is your family, and you must know them in & out. 

A quick tip: Everyone is not your audience. Breaking down your audience helps you understand:

  1. The social media sites you are active on
  2. Your posting schedule
  3. The content type you wish to publish
  4. Your brand voice
  5. The information in your social profiles

3. Seek Building Strong Relationships Not Only Followers

Focus on building strong relationships and not followers. Having 100 followers whom you regularly engage with is way better than 20,000 followers whom you ignore.

Do you know what the beauty of social media is? You can quickly form relationships instantly from just about anywhere.

Here are quick ideas on how you can do so:

  1. Always answer questions people ask
  2. Reply when you mention or share your content
  3. Always mention the people you reference in your social posts
  4. Don’t simply retweet or like other people’s content. You can reply with a comment to start a conversation.

4. When In Doubt, Take The Visual Route

No matter which social platform you post on, photo and video content are dominating all social media channels now.

For example, Instagram’s image-based platforms are constantly growing and exploding.

Facebook’s Live videos get more engagement than any other content type.

On Twitter, videos and graphics get way more shares than text-based posts.

Our social media company in Andheri aims to increase the visual factor of all the social media campaigns we create. We believe that visuals such as:

  1. Team photos or videos
  2. Customer photos
  3. Event photos
  4. Behind-the-scenes videos and photos 
  5. Quote photos
  6. Infographics

It can drastically elevate the success of your social media channels.

5. Optimise Your Social Accounts For Better Engagements

Social media optimisation is not technical like SEO. Your social profiles can be quickly optimised with the right images, keywords and correct information.

It’s essential to:

  1. Include all relevant keywords in your social profiles
  2. Share interesting & industry-relevant content, including hashtags
  3. Connect with popular accounts in your industry for better exposure.

6. Stay ACTIVE, Always

Your audience will not be interested in your brand’s social media profiles if you only post occasionally. You have to show up daily, hustle and stay consistent with your social media postings. This doesn’t mean you bombard your fans with 100 posts daily. You can simply post 1 or 2 content daily along with responding to customers’ concerns without wasting too much time.

Take a look at a few tips on how to stay Active:

  1. Incorporate social scheduling and automation to save time and energy.
  2. Select and prioritise your social networks depending upon audience location.
  3. Find creative ways of repurposing content and staying innovative.

7. Create Content That Your People Want To See

Do you know the easiest way to increase your social media network and influence? Create content that your audience wants to watch and share! This oldest trick in the book can never go wrong. Avoid blindly copying your competitors’ content and be ORIGINAL always.

We, a social media company in Andheri are known for creating original social media content for our clients that is unique and exciting. It can be anything from original blog posts, infographics, social media posts, reels or even GIFs. Your content has to be authentic.

Social media can be tough to crack, but this social media company in Andheri is here to help you expand your network and build your social media presence!