Creative Agency vs. Digital Agency – How do they differ?

July 1, 2021 /
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Are you one of those super confused souls who still think that a creative agency and a digital agency are similar?

Well, it’s time to wake up and understand the difference between the two! 

This blog will help you precisely differentiate between a Creative Agency & A Digital Agency. 

So, let’s begin!

What Is A Digital Agency?

A simple Google search for Marketing & Advertising agency in Mumbai” will list out ample digital agencies for you to choose from.

But do you know what a Digital Agency is?

Simple, A digital agency is an agency that focuses on offering digital marketing solutions to businesses.

 It includes SEO, Website design, SMM, PPC Ads, Content Marketing. 

This aggressive and digital obsessive age requires all companies to invest in a digital marketing agency for boosting their online presence.

So, if you still haven’t partnered up with a digital agency, it’s high time you do!

What Is A Creative Agency?

A creative branding agency in Mumbai offers businesses with quality expertise in visualisation and designing artistic concepts. The agency aims to stir up your brand’s creative quotient and make it more appealing & exciting for the audience. A creative agency focuses on various branding services such as Logo creation, Banner creations, Infographics, TV Ads, Animator Videos, Corporate Videos, Space and Environmental Branding.

To understand the differences better, let’s differentiate the agencies in 3 primary ways

  • Research

Digital Agencies follow the market research path. They help businesses or brands figure out their potential market and develop digital strategies using the best digital channels that allow them to perfectly position their companies products and services for being seen by more customers.

These agencies help you identify the different measures to differentiate your brand from your competitors via market analysis.

Creative Agencies drive on the User Research road. These agencies provide a macro perspective to optimise the user experience via effective visual strategies that brilliantly deliver your brand’s message to its target audience. They do so via creative explainer or products/service promo videos, aesthetically appealing logos, user-oriented design and much more.

  1. Targeting

Creative Agencies focus on building a brand out of your business. It’s all about Branding with them. Creative agencies create branding strategies and design your business’s needs according to the various branding developments in the process as Branding is not a one time but a continuous and consistent process. They undertake regular market research and analyse customer expectations from your brand and then create specific strategies. 

A Digital Agency, on the other hand, embarks on specific targeting. The agency undertakes market researchers, surveys for examining how your brand adapts to consumers’ needs and requirements in the market. Are customers happy with your products and services?

Are you using the proper digital channels for marketing and advertising your products and services? Are customers aware of your brand’s newest offerings? These are some critical questions that digital agencies need to look at when helping you position your brand in the digital domain.

  1. Approach

The focal way of differentiating between the agencies is understanding their go-to marketing strategy, development process and how the two agencies handle the creative stance of the strategy management.

A Creative agency focuses more on building aggressive branding strategies that help audiences remember the whole business as a brand and not merely for their products and services.

They focus on the “BRAND” as a whole concept.

A Digital Agency focuses on attracting more customers to your business and generating more awareness about your brand.

This involves putting lead generation strategies, customer engagement activities via social media channels, and more digital activities that increase your brand awareness.

Digital Agency & Creative Agency = A Perfect Partnership!

The truth is that your business needs the help of both these agencies to survive in today’s aggressive market!

Yes, you heard it right!

A Digital agency helps gain more traffic for your business via digital channels; a creative agency focuses on bringing and creating high-quality creative content for your website, social media accounts for digital agencies to promote. Both these agencies need to strike a balanced work rhythm for ensuring the success of your business.

Well, you’re in luck as PODS Solutions offers you both: digital agency services and creative services.

We are an ad agency in Mumbai that emphasises powerful developing brands out of any business and sharing your brand’s stories via digital mediums attracting customers and immense exposure.

So if you are looking for a modern, creative and digital savvy agency that builds business-specific digital marketing strategies in ultra-creative ways, then your search is over. We at PODS Solutions are here to solve all your creative and digital queries, needs and requirements.