The Art of Creating Winning Video Content for Social Media

July 26, 2021 /
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Video is one of the most potent content mediums for storytelling, with online videos accounting for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022 and around 87% of online marketers using video content strategies.
Today, businesses and brands belonging to almost every industry partner up with the best social media agencies in Mumbai to create powerful and winning video content.
Modern audiences prefer watching video content over reading social media posts and texts as aesthetically pleasing videos catch everyone’s attention and are easy to remember.

So if you’re a business/brand looking at optimising your social media creatives and venturing into developing attractive and high performing video strategies, this blog is a must-read for you.

This blog will discuss the critical elements needed for creating winning video content for social media.

Choose Your Platforms Consciously

There are a dozen social platforms to create video content for, but tailor your video according to your platform.
You must also remember the ideal aspect ratio for your video, as it can vary from platform to platform. Facebook alone supports 5+ different video formats!
Ask yourselves two critical questions before picking up the camera:
a.Who Am I Trying To Reach?
b.Why Am I Trying To Reach Them?
Take a look at few quick tips that will help you be platform conscious:
a.Invest in platforms that engage your audience
b.The most significant step to creating killer video content is deciding where to post it

Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet

Human attention span lasts only for 8 seconds which is shorter than a goldfish’s attention span! Shocking, isn’t it?
It is why it’s necessary to stick to a time limit in your videos if you want viewers to be interested throughout.
Try and stick to a 60 second time limit if you can. However, don’t rule out long-form videos.
If you are planning on creating long-form videos, ensure that your content is king and never bores users.

Mobile Optimisation

It is incredibly crucial that your videos are optimised for mobiles as almost more than half of all videos are watched over mobiles. Few tips to keep in mind when optimising your videos for mobiles:
a.Simple and Clean Graphics
Think bright and bold graphics and legible texts and avoid any visual clutter. Ensure your visuals look great on small screens.
Do a quick sound check whether the video is engaging with or without sound.
Add compelling captions or descriptions for filling any gaps and subtitles if needed, as it will make your videos more accessible for hard of hearing individuals.

b.Make Use Of Analytics
Take a look at the two ways how you can get analytical
Track and Improve
With tons of helpful social media tools being available, you can easily keep a tab on your video’s performance and improve them for better optimisation.
Below listed vital questions will help you further:
Do People watch your videos from start to finish?
Are your videos underperforming on any social platforms?
What topics are getting the most views or shares?

Reuse High-Performing Content

Analytics are brilliant for generating ideas for future content.
Before zeroing on any idea, check if it meets these criteria or not:
Is it easily understandable?
Can it be communicated within a minute?
Can it be visually appealing with the help of graphics elements?

Provide Quality Content

It’s pretty obvious but always essential to remember that it always provides valuable content.
Create video content that creates value in an individual’s life.
Also, ensure that your video content has a story to it. Stories from an essential part of human nature and videos having storylines perform very well with viewers.
Your video content should be the perfect amalgamation of the right emotions, a gripping story and high-quality effects.

Have Crisp Start and End Points

The first three seconds of a video are crucial, and remember to have good beginnings and endings. Something that surprises and retains audience interest. They should remember your video even after it ends, make it unforgettable!
Videos have stellar conversion rates, and it is why you must add a Call To Action in your videos at the end of your video to reap the benefits of your efforts.
Every mind-blowing CTA shares similar qualities. They are straightforward, personal and actionable.

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