Case Study

Kamasutra – Mango Fragrance Launch

When a brand such as KamaSutra reaches out to you, any agency would love to jump up to the challenge of creating an innovative and lasting impression in the minds of the brand owners as well as the masses.

PODS had the opportunity to do just the right act…from Concept to Commissioning, with innovative and creative approach the Mango fragrance condoms LAUNCH was taken up.

Since the launch was for all chemists and dealers, a MANGO PETI was fabricated. Complete with the authentic look, lock and product. This box was the Launch Kit cum Display Unit for the shops. An additional touch of enclosing a mango perfume affirmed the longevity of the launch could be retained at the shop level by spraying the mango-perfume on the open kit box which would be kept next to the stock at the stores.
Repeat orders for fabrication still pouring in…let it rain!  

Condom Display Unit

Kamasutra needed a robust, unbreakable solution showcasing all of their 8 flavors in one go while each would be dispensed individually.
So many demands! PODS set out this design in reinforced board while keeping the aesthetic value and ease of usability in mind. An easy to transport, assemble and easy to use CONDOM DISPENSER to be used across petrol pumps….and do we say…WOW delivered!